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Kiva - Camino Chews - Boysenberry CBN 10:5 - Gummy - 20ct - 150mg


Chew & Chill gummies offer a myriad of delectable flavors with an euphoric sensation. These Live Resin Gummies deliver a potent and potent elevated experience. The Blue Razzberry flavor gives a perfect balance of sweet and tart in every bite. Start low & go slow is the game because youll be chillin on your couch turned cloud in a matter of 30-60 minutes.

All Chew & Chill gummies are vegan & sugar free for your pleasure guilt free.

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About the brand :
Chew & Chill

First you chew and then chill. Is Chew & Chills motto get these gummies to see more chill days on the horizon.

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