Brand: Turn

Turn - PodPak Battery - Black

A new era is here. Double up on everything you love about vaping with our brilliantly designed podpak kit crafted from high-end ultra-durable materials in a compact sleek package that fits slyly into your life and pocket.

With space for your podpen (included) main flavor and a spare youll always be ready to rip.


podpak case holds 1 podpen vape + 2 pods

podpen flash-charges in 5 minutes

podpak battery charges podpen 8x per charge

Compact discreet mess-free

High-grade stainless steel

Keeps aroma contained

Pocket friendly

whats in the box

podpak charging case

podpen (battery included)

usb-c charging cable

instruction manual

how to work your new turn tech

Remove podpen from podpak

Pop in the pod of your choice

Inhale exhale enjoy life

podpak and podpen arrive charged and button-free for immediate satisfaction

fun facts about your new canna-panion

podpen is equipped with TRUtaste thanks to top-shelf ceramic hardware that produces perfectly calibrated oil at a consistent rate with ZERO transfer of heavy metals cotton or glues because there are none

podpak stores your pen and two pods for clean convenient pocket-friendly fun

Keep the lid closed to minimize odor

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